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Jackson 09/21/07

Follow Up: 3 On Your Side: Personal Care Home Complaints

Mayor Frank melton made a visit to the personal care home on West Capital Street that we told you about on Thursday night for its deplorable living conditions.

Melton and code enforcement officers converged on the Tendale Independent living facilities owned by Robert Ward.

The city has cited ward for numerous code violations at his property since may of this year. City officials offered to move the residents who lived there, but they all said they preferred to stay.

Ward was served a summons for environmental court at his primary care home on Hunt Street, where more code violations were found.   

Joe Lewis, Director of Community Improvement stated , "we've found electrical problems, pluming problems and deplorable living conditions as a whole so it's going to have to be corrected and corrected in a hurry."

Robert Ward told WLBT  news he was in the process of making repairs to his property.

City building inspectors put stop work orders on two of his assisted living homes.

Ward's court date has been set for September 27th, at 2 p.m..

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