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Jackson 9/28/07

Eaves' Ad Makes Governor's Race Interesting

by Jon Kalahar



Democratic candidate for governor, John Eaves faces an uphill battle to win the race for the governor's mansion.

But one's things for sure, he's not going down without a fight.  And he says his most recent political ad has Barbour's campaign worried.

Just like in his most recent political commercial, John Eaves hopes to wash away the competition come November. Eaves wants voters to know that Haley Barbour's reputation may not be as squeaky clean as everyone is led to believe.

"They're trying to hide the truth. They don't want to know who Haley Barbour serves," said Eaves.

This ad calls for Barbour to open his blind trust. It claims Barbour still has ties to his former D-C lobbying firm and they pay him 300 thousand a year. And Wednesday,Barbour's campaign faxed this letter to television stations across the state asking the ad be removed because it is, "factually incorrect in several respects".

"Not one tv station has pulled this ad because it's been documented, because it's not me saying this, it's reporters that have documented he's receiving twice as much from his lobbying firm as he's received from the people of Mississippi," said Eaves.

And despite numerous news articles as well as what his opponent is saying, according to Barbour's campaign staff he has nothing to hide.

Barbour's campaign press secretary, Brian Perry says everything was disclosed with the ethics commission.

"For three years, no one said anything and suddenly it's an election year and they take it up. They make accusations that are false. Governor takes it to the ethics commission, the ethics commission says, hey, this is great," said Perry.

Perry says instead of attacks the Governor will continue to run on his record.

"The Governor has a good strong record of economic development, record for job growth, record funding for education, and all John Arthur Eaves has is attacks and false allegations," said Perry.

And today, head of the state republican party, Jim Herring, told Wlbt that John Eaves should also disclose his financial records publicly.

Herring says neither the governor nor Eaves has made that information public.

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