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Jackson 10/10/07

Talk Back 3: Jackson Police Department Promotions

Hats off to the JPD members who are speaking out about the two "patrolman" being promoted to acting SGT and AST Chief.  How many chiefs are required at JPD? Has the department gotten that large?

Obviously qualified members of the department were ignored and not given a chance for these two positions.  What has become of testing for rank at JPD?  It is quite clear that under this mayor that favortism overides meeting certain qualifications for promotions. 

The City Council should adopt an ordinance preventing the Mayor or Chief from making these so called "appointments" and require testing for officers that have the time on the department and meet the required criteria.  This is a slap in the face to all members of JPD.

I hope that JPD members affected by this situation, ban together and stand up for what is right.

P.C. Burnham

JPD Detective Retired

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