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Jackson 10/10/07

Eaves Unveils KidCare Health Plan

John Arthur Eaves, Jr. John Arthur Eaves, Jr.

By Roslyn Anderson

Gubernatorial candidate John Arthur Eaves Jr. unveiled his child healthcare plan Wednesday before a group of medical students at University Medical Center.

It is designed to cover children of working families, but the Barbour campaign says the numbers just don't add up.

Future doctors and medical professionals at U.M.C. were the first to hear details of Democratic candidate John Arthur Eaves's KidCare healthcare plan.

Eaves says the voluntary plan would cover 150,000 Mississippi children whose parents earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough for private insurance or SCHIP.

"I'm the only candidate with a plan to give health care to every child in this state," said Eaves.

The proposal would cost an estimated $30 million dollars and is based on income.

Families would pay up to $40.00 per month for two children or more with the state contributing $180.00 per year per child.

"Barbour does not have a plan to expand health care. In fact he's cut people off of Medicaid. He's made it more difficult for people in this state to have health care. Our state now has the highest rate of infant mortality, tied for last in the delivery of healthcare," added the Democratic candidate.

Barbour for Governor campaign spokesperson Brian Perry said Eaves' plan is making a $100 million dollar mistake in the cost.

He said, "This is the third time that John Arthur Eaves has rolled out his healthcare plan and the third time the numbers don't add up."

Perry said Governor Barbour has rectified child care issues by stabilizing the Medicaid budget and preventive measures like implementing physical education in schools.

"The governor wants every eligible child to receive Medicaid. Any child that needs help, needs medical attention should get that attention, and that's what the current program has," Perry stated.

The members of U.M.C.'s Associated Student Body had a range of questions, from plans to change the misuse of emergency rooms for primary care to whether Eaves would reverse tort reform if elected.

The gubernatorial candidate told medical students he would not reverse medical malpractice tort reform.

For details of the KidCare proposal go to www.eaves2007.com .

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