Barbour Releases "Agenda for Mississippi's Future" - - Jackson, MS

Ridgeland 10/16/07

Barbour Releases "Agenda for Mississippi's Future"

Governor Haley Barbour chose the Ridgeland campus of Holmes Community College Tuesday to release his "Agenda for Mississippi's Future."

Barbour discussed his plans to build on his record of job creation, Katrina recovery, education enhancement, affordable health care, safer communities and stronger families.

"...I think the public wants somebody to be responsible; to be accountable, and it's easier if it's the governor," said Barbour. "You know, i always say I, politically, get the blame anyway so I might as well, at least, have the authority to do something about it."

John Arthur Eaves, Governor Barbour's opponent in next month's election, says Barbour's agenda is, quote, "4 years too late for Mississippi." Eaves also calls Barbour's health care proposal "laughable."

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