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Jackson 10/17/07

Talk Back 3: Reaction To The Brookwood Country Club Story

I am writing concerning the Brookwood Country Club. I was offended the day of the Planning Commission meeting by their attorney making the comment that if all these people had supported the Club he would not have to close. 

At least 90% of the people in that room are still members or at some time been members but for various reasons had to get out but still live in the Brookwood Pines Subdivision.  Like in my case I am the only person living in my household that plays golf now and I got out Dec. 31st 2006. 

My Step-son that is going to school at USM plays golf but at his age he would have to have his own membership but when he comes home he plays so actually with him playing once or twice a month then myself playing periodically we are still supporting the Club and in some months spend more than we would on dues. Their attorney was quoted in the paper that the residents did not help or support the club. This statement is really not fair to the members of Brookwood nor the residents.  Unless you play Golf there is no reason to be a member there anymore. 

Brookwood has actually become more of a Golf Club than a Country Club.  Years ago they had functions, dances, dinners, they had a teen center, and then the pool.  There are alot of older adults and young adults that spent their teen years at Brookwood and have very fond memories.  Brookwood has lost members over the last few months due to this zoning issue and the threats of closing the course.  You must understand the people that are members of that Club are golfers and they treat golf like a religion, they play it with dedication and they share this love of this game with their friends.  They have groups that play out there that have been playing together for years and if it is not going to be available for them they must move on and find another place to play the game.

I did want you to know that on October 23rd. we will be playing the last Ladies tournament at Brookwood that is open to outside players.  It is the Grandmother's Tournament.  I believe this annual tournament has been going on for well over 10 years. This is a sad thing for the Ladies Golf Association because we have always been a close group and some of these ladies have been playing together for years.  We are all saddened by the fact that we will all be going seperate ways.  There are also people at Brookwood that have been members for a long time and this is such a loss for them because alot of them will probably not be able to move their membership due to medical, financial, or personal reasons.

I really believe the closing of Brookwood will affect many people because it has been a part of their lives for a long time and really believe it would make a very good human interest story.

Shirley J. Sherman

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