Nash, Taggart Offer Perspectives on Election - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 10/18/07

Nash, Taggart Offer Perspectives on Election

With only about three weeks left until the November election, voters are getting an earful.

On Thursday, the Leadership Jackson Alumni Association sponsored a roundtable discussion with Jere Nash and Andy Taggart.

Nash, described as a liberal Democrat, has served as a political consultant and was chief of staff for former governor Ray Mabus.

Taggart, a Republican who was chief of staff for former governor Kirk Fordice, says he believes Haley Barbour will win another term against Democrat John Arthur Eaves.

Nash says while a number of voters are undecided, he also believes Barbour will win.

They also talked about negative campaigning and how the ads affect voters.

"I think the voters do get -- and rightly do get -- irritated about that sort of advertising," Taggart said. "But on the other hand, it's here to stay. It's not going away. It does affect the way people cast their ballots, even though we claim that it doesn't. So we're just going to have to gut up and live with it for three more weeks."

"They only reason why you see negative ads on television is because political consultants know that they work," Nash said. "Voters may complain about them all the time, but in the end it is the information they get from these ads that they use to make a decision."  

Taggart and Nash co-authored the book Mississippi Politics: The Struggle for Power, 1976-2006.

The election is set for November 6.

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