Talk Back 3: Bottom Line ---revised - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 10/22/07

Talk Back 3: Bottom Line ---revised

Your play back of the Bottom Line segment Frank Melton did in October of 1998 spoke for itself.  The video detailed how we have a chameleon for a mayor.  He is the quintessential flip-flopper. Yes, the citizens of Jax and me included were duped into thinking that maybe just maybe the crime would be reduced.  But, sadly since Melton's tenure, the city is in worse shape than ever including the CRIME.  I for one would like to recall Melton and just let the council run the city until the next election.  Nothing personal against Frank, he's just not capable of running a city.  He would be better suited at doing something for JPS in the line of public speaking or motivation, although under supervision with strick guidelines to be enforced.

I'm biting my nails hoping he don't blow something up and looking forward to the end of the Gustoppo Melton reign.  Hopefully, then the city can gain some of its former glory.

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L Young

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