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Jackson 10/23/07

Eaves Unveils School Prayer Plan

You've probably seen his campaign ads supporting voluntary, student-led prayer in Mississippi public schools. 

On Tuesday, Democratic candidate for governor John Arthur Eaves unveiled his school-prayer plan. Eaves wants to set aside ten minutes each morning in the classroom, before roll is called, for voluntary prayer and discussion of ethics and morality. He says the plan is constitutional and is similar to the legislature and Supreme Court leading prayers.

Eaves says prayer will help instill hope, respect and discipline among students.

"When we look around our schools, Mississippi has the highest dropout rate," he said. "Kids are bringing guns to schools. It's time for us to bring God back into schools."  

Brian Perry, a spokesman for Governor Haley Barbour's re-election campaign, responded:

"Every day in every public school in Mississippi, children have the right to participate in voluntary student led prayer. John Arthur Eaves wants mandated state directed prayer which will jeopardize the freedoms students already have. John Arthur Eaves admitted at today's press conference that, 'Yes children can pray but they had to organize it themselves,' and that 'we're claiming the same thing that's already been done' and that the Courts 'already allow' voluntary student led prayer. John Arthur Eaves will say or do or use anything to try to get a vote, that includes jeopardizing the free exercise of prayer that students already possess today."

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