Talk Back 3: Civil Air Patrol - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 10/30/07

Talk Back 3: Civil Air Patrol

I watched the web versions of your coverage of our Search and Rescue Evaluation Exercise yesterday and I must say I was very well pleased.  Your piece on both the 6 pm and 10 pm newscasts reflected very positively on the entire Civil Air Patrol organization.

It was noted by the Air Force Evaluators that your willingness to learn more about our organization and to take footage of every aspect of our operations during this mission was absolutely outstanding. 

Take pride in the fact that you went above and beyond our expectations during your coverage yesterday.  Please pass along my thanks to Patrick, your news staff and your news director.

Also, please give some serious thought to coming back in the near future and letting us give you a more comprehensive look at our mission capabilities.  We will work on our end to get you and a crewmember up in the air with one of our experienced CAP pilots.  You will be amazed at the professionalism of our aircrews. 

I thank you and Col. Carroll thanks you, as well, for a job well-done.  Thanks Julie.

Warmest Regards,

1LT. Phil Norris
Mississippi Wing, Civil Air Patrol
Public Affairs Officer

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