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Jackson 10/31/07

Eaves Reveals Tax Returns, Calls for Governor to Do the Same

by Jon Kalahar

Democratic candidate for governor, John Eaves, is again calling for Governor Haley Barbour to come clean. But this time he's putting his money where his mouth is.

It's definitely been a theme in the John Eaves campaign for governor...we've even seen it in one of his political commercials. But this time, with just six days to the general election, is different.

"Why won't he release his tax records. Every other governor in the state of Mississippi has done this, and I'm doing it today," said Eaves.

That's right -- Eaves handed out his 2006 tax returns to the media. He calls it an act of openness and good faith to the people of Mississippi.

"Even the late Kirk Fordice released this information; every other governor has done it, and it is an act of openness and transparency and clean hands. This governor needs to come clean and tell the people who he serves," said Eaves.

But that won't happen. As for the governor's response, his campaign says they'll be no response. He's busy trying to win this election. But his campaign says Governor Barbour believes in disclosure and has the campaign finance reports to prove it.

"He discloses all the contributors who have given to him. Thousands of thousands of Mississippians have contributed to Governor Barbour and he's proud of their support," said Bryan Perry, Barbour Campaign Press Secretary.

But as part of his ethics package, Eaves says more accountability is needed among elected officials.

"Sunshine laws will only happen if I'm elected governor. This governor has twice killed efforts to increase accountability, increase openness and ethics in government," said Eaves.

Bryan Perry calls this a political stunt from Eaves.

"He's not trying to make a difference for Mississippi, he's trying to get attention to his campaign. Governor Barbour has his own campaign; he's not going to go chasing after John Arthur Eaves' message," said Perry.

According to his return, Eaves paid almost $150,000 in federal taxes and just over $3000 in state taxes. The Barbour campaign also said Governor Ronnie Musgrove did not disclose his tax returns while in office.

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