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Jackson 11/05/07

Clark Predicts Near-Record Voter Turnout

Secretary of State Eric Clark says he expects the state's second-highest ever voter turnout on Tuesday.

He says the statewide races have really garnered a lot of interest and will drive how many voters show up at the polls.

Clark says the only year with a higher turnout was 2003, when Republican Haley Barbour defeated incumbent Democrat Ronnie Musgrove in the governor's race.

Clark says it's important everyone get out and cast their ballot.

"We elect the people who make out state laws and our county laws and pave our roads and decide how much taxes we're going to pay," he said. "You need to be a part of picking good people tomorrow. You need to do your homework and get ready and know who's on the ballot and know who you're going to vote for -- and then go in there and be a part of making our democracy function."

Clark says his office was contacted by the U. S. Justice Department, and federal observers will be in Wilkinson, Humphreys, Leflore and Jefferson Davis counties for the elections. He does not know what they will be looking for.

Clark is also encouraging Mississippians to "vote in honor of a veteran" by wearing one of the designated stickers available at your county clerk's office.

This will be Clark's last official voter-turnout prediction. He is not running for re-election.

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