Barbour & Eaves Cast Votes - - Jackson, MS

Madison & Yazoo City 11/06/07

Barbour & Eaves Cast Votes

Governor Haley Barbour voted in his hometown of Yazoo City Tuesday, along with his wife, Marsha, and son Reeves.

Barbour says he has run on his merits for the last four years and there is still much he wants to accomplish.

"I've run a campaign based on what I've done as governor and my vision of Mississippi's future," said Barbour. "That's my job. The public can make the decision."

Challenger John Arthur Eaves, Jr., with wife Angel voted in Madison. Eaves says he feels good about the election and that across the state Mississippians are praying for change.

"We feel good about this election," he said. "We have claimed it, and we are ready to see the walls of Jericho fall."

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