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Jackson 11/08/07

Talk Back 3: Pit Bulls

Unbelievable! Yes, you are unbelievable.  Honest to God as I was sitting down sending an email to the president of the humane society of the United States you're commentary (which I normally like-no longer) came on.  You referred to these pit bulls as "good for nothing mongrels." Yes I realize that what happened to these innocent people is horrible but blaming these dogs is horrible.  You said it yourself that sources say the pit bulls were used for dog fighting.  These animals not only have been bred for the wrong reason but most have been neglected, abused and malnourished.  How about holding the ones responsible for these animals accountable?How about stiffer laws for these individuals?  You acted as though these dogs should be done away with-period.  Talk about being narrow minded.  These animals continue to get nothing but bad press-instead of focusing your coverage on them why not try and find the owners and give them bad press???? 

Angie Manley


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