Talk Back 3: Scam to buy Gas for Distressed - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 11/13/07

Talk Back 3: Scam to buy Gas for Distressed

In the past 12 months, myself and an aquantance were both suckered into helping a young man driving a white compact car at gas stations off County Line and I-55. The younger man asked me for gas money to get his grandfather (who is supposedly sick and just got out of the
hospital in Jackson) back home to the delta. The old man in the car really added to the crediblity of the lie. I was happy to help another in need and was really upset to find out that
yet again it was just a scam, since a co-worker recounted a story identical to mine.

With the Holidays coming I would like to get the story out so that no out-of-town shoppers get suckered like I did. It breaks my heart that dishonest people like this take advantage of a
good faith gesture.

I am officially jaded now, and refuse to waste my time trying to help anyone.
Paige Watson 

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