Crime Stoppers: Charles Edward Harris - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 12/22/07

Crime Stoppers: Charles Edward Harris

In August a West Jackson man was fatally shot in what was first thought a suicide. Charles Edward Harris' family believes his killer is still out there.

Tonight find out how you could be rewarded for information that solves this case.

25 year old Charles Edward Harris died from a single gunshot wound to the head August first of this year. It happened next door to the home where he lived with his girlfriend at 361 Queen Marie Lane.

"They say there was five peope lthere, two got away, they questioned three and they let them go. They say he was shot in the head and they were playing with guns but I know they wasn't playing with any guns cause he was afraid of guns. He didn' t play with guns, he didn't even own a gun. We really don t know what happened to him, "said his aunt, Emma Burns.

The murder of Harris was first ruled a suicide. It wasn' t determined he was killed until after the autopsy.

Detectives have questioned as many people as they could find, who were inside the home that day, but much of the physical evidence was destroyed, leaving his family searching for closure and answers.

 "Please help us to find that guy that killed Charles so that they can come off the street and won' t hurt anybody else, family members or maybe you, they might get me or you, we don't know. I wish someone would come tell us something so we could put this behind us and go on and live," said his aunt Emma Burns.

 If you have any information on the death of Charles Edward Harris call Crimestoppers at 355-tips, that's 355- 8477.

You could receive up to a thousand dollars for any information that leads to an arrest in this case and remember at Crimestoppers we only want your information, not your name.


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