New Year's Means Fireworks Safety - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 12/26/07

New Year's Means Fireworks Safety

Mississippians will ring in the new year in less than a week, and for many, part of the celebration includes fireworks. But how to safely use those magical lights?

Each year thousands of people are hospitalized due to injuries from fireworks. Most of those injuries occur in males under 15 years old.

Several fireworks stands, including one off Highway 80 in Pearl are setting up for the new year. While many of them do not hold any responsibility if people are injured, they do warn patrons to follow the safety guidelines on the side of the box.

According to American Medical Response officials, fireworks pose a higher risk of fire deaths, about three times that of cigarettes. 

If you're thinking about setting off fireworks, you should know that they are illegal in the cities of Brandon, Jackson, Madison, Pearl, Florence, and Ridgeland.

Fireworks are allowed in Richland.

If you have any doubt whether or not they are legal to set off in your area, call your local authorities before setting them off.

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