Talk Back 3: MS House Re-elects McCoy Speaker - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 01/09/08

Talk Back 3: MS House Re-elects McCoy Speaker

What a sad day for the state of Mississippi! what a shame! In spite of McCoy's comment about not settling for more of the same, it appears that our legislative bodies ironically have settled for just that.

For a man who is business and industry unfriendly, it's interesting that he has the gall to announce that MS is competitive nationally and internationally when none of that is to his credit.

Instead of "holding our heads high" many of us hang our heads in shame as we review the past four years at the $50 million "cattle gate," at almost losing Severcorr Steel and an automobile manufacturer because of the lack of quality leadership of Billy Mccoy.  

It's been politics as at its worst to the detriment of the taxpayers of this state. Thank god for all those who worked hard for a change, for the leadership of Haley Barbour, Phil Bryant and many others. They are the one's to make us proud and to see us through.

D.  MacSherry

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