Guard Soldiers Honored for Service - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 01/12/08

Guard Soldiers Honored for Service

By Julie Straw

Celebrating our local heros.  Ten men and women with the Mississippi Army National Guard's Detachment 16, Operational Support Airlift Command returned home from Afghanistan four months ago.  Today they were recognized for their service and their bravery.

They are described as one of the smallest aviation units in the Mississippi Army National Guard, but also one of the best.  Standing tall before their families and friends the ten members of Detachment 16 were recognized for their seven month service in Afghanistan.

"They flew this air craft that you see over to my right, this C-12.  They flew it in some of the most rugged terrain and rugged climate in the world," said Maj. General Harold Cross, Adjutant General of the Mississippi National Guard.

The unit flew more than 800 hours and carried over 103,000 pounds of cargo during that time.  41 year old Sergeant First Class Curtis Boddy received the meritorious service medal and was also recognized for his second deployment.  Boddy calls the time away from his wife Jackie and two year old son difficult.  "You wonder are they being taken care of?   You wonder are they getting what they need.   It is very difficult, but being a soldier we have a responsibilty to our country as well as the state of Mississippi," said SFC Boddy. 

Boddy Father said, "It is just a rejoicing thing to know that they was able to go and the Lord blessed them to come back safely.  That was a good thing. I am very proud of him."

Boddy and his nine colleagues are volunteers.  Hoping their sacrifice will ultimately make a difference in the security of our country.

"They know freedom is not free and somebody has to defent this country and they have come forward to do it.  They are the best we got," said Maj. Gen. Cross.

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