Guardsman Arrives Home in Time for Child's Birth - - Jackson, MS

Brandon 01/12/08

Guardsman Arrives Home in Time for Child's Birth

by Kandiss Crone

"We were worried about him not making it home and him missing the whole birth and everything, but he got here," said Melissa Harrison.

E5 Sgt. Jack Harrison made it home just in time for the birth of his baby girl Keegan.

Harrison is part of the Mississippi Army National Guard 113th Military Police Company out of Brandon.

His unit left for Iraq when his wife Melissa was 10 weeks pregnant.

Two days before they planned to induce her labor, baby Keegan had plans of her own.

"The only thing I could think about was making it home on time cause I knew it was close and I was just hoping she would hold out until I got here and she did," Jack Harrison said.

Harrison left Iraq January fifth. He arrived in Jackson around 3:30pm on January seventh. The couple had been reunited for a just few hours when Melissa went into labor.

"We came home, we sat down to eat dinner and her water broke, I was home maybe six hours," James Harrison said.

Weeks up until Keegan's birth, the couple had been on pins and needles, because Jack's trip home had been rescheduled three times.

The couple admits while it's hard being away from your loved one, they make the most out of the short time they have together.

"It makes it harder for them to be here then have to leave and go back but it's also important to families to be able to see their loved ones come home for a little while," Melissa Harrison said.

Melissa promises to him up to speed on how baby Keegan is doing.

"I'll send a ton of pictures and email and keep him up to date on how she's doing and growing and how much she's changing."

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