Governor Prepares for State of the State - - Jackson, MS


Governor Prepares for State of the State

Monday evening, Governor Haley Barbour will give Mississippi a detailed look at what he expects in 2008.

A joint session of the legislature will reconvene about 5:45 with the Governor addressing the members at 6:00. Address.

During his inaugural address he named off several areas you can expect him to go into greater detail about.   Barbour said he wants the continued rebuilding of the coast after Katrina to be priority number one. But you can definitely expect him to talk about education, medicaid, and economic development in the state.

I caught up with a couple lawmakers at the capital and they gave me their wish list for the upcoming legislative session.

David Blount, (D) of Jackson, said, "We all listened with great interest to his inaugural address last week. I thought it was a good address, so we want to hear him talk about education, about the budget, about what to do about fighting crime in Hinds County."

Mark Duvall, (D) of Mantachic, said "Some of the things I'd like to see us work on in the upcoming four years is health care, and try to improve the quality of life for everyone and try to decrease poverty in the state."

We've heard it over and over about the tight budget year facing the legislature this year. Education and medicaid are two areas that will demand millions of dollars. Many want to hear how the governor proposes to tackle some of the tough decisions coming up in the legislature. 

And just like everyone else we're waiting to hear the details of Governor Barbour's legislative agenda. And whether or not lawmakers and the governor can work together to get it done.

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