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What's Up In Phoenix

Read here as Chuck Stinson and Scott Vlahon tell you"What's Up In Phoenix" leading up to Super Bowl 42!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Media Day!
By Chuck Stinson

Media day. Why do we want to do this? 

Saying it's crazy is like saying the Patriots are a good football team. Completely understated.

 Millions upon millions of media members (actually just thousands but it seems like millions when you are plowing through them to get to you next interview) from all over the world are gathered in one place to talk to the players and coaches that make up the Super Bowl teams.  Most of them are here for the game. 

But some are here for the circus. Like the girl in the wedding dress who asked Eli Manning and Tom Brady to marry her(they both said no). What could her motive be? Did she really want to get married.  Shouldn't she have first asked them out to dinner?  Or a movie? She was cute...but for me a bit forward.


You get 60 minutes with each team. That's not a lot when you are one of one million (exaggerated again) wanting to ask a question or make a marriage proposal. I can say that she did have the most original angle on the day. She may not have gotten the answer she wanted but as a reporter you are suppose to do you story around the answer you get not the answer you want.

Players endure questions from their gameplans to what's their favorite (insert item here). 

So back to the original question, Media day. Why do we want to do this? Because there are a thousand stories to be told (not exaggerated) both from the players and the media members themselves.

That's just media day.

Wednesday January 30th, 2008
Hard Work!
By Scott Vlahon

After a long and strenuous workday covering the Super Bowl Media Day, Chuck and I decided to unwind by going to the media party. 

We ate a nice meal there, I lassoed and imaginary cow among other things and we watched a live performance by the Gin Blossoms.  (Yes, they do still exist as it made me reminisce about my early high school days.)

This morning it was back to work though as Chuck and I drove to the University of Phoenix Stadium and shot some of our on camera sequences.

Just to show we NEVER stop working, we ate at the Waffle House by our hotel.  However, we each wrote a story while eating.  Chuck wrote his about Patriots kicker and former Madison Central star Stephen Gostkoswki.  Meanwhile, I wrote mine about Patriots defensive end and former Southern Miss standout Adalius Thomas.

We edited in our hotel room, fed our stories via satellite from the NBC affiliate in Phoenix and then came up to the Media Center to scope for stories.

Thankfully, Chuck snagged a one on one interview with Saints quarterback Drew Brees who went on to tell us that "Millsaps" is a bad word.  He of course was saying that in jest...I think!

We're some hard workers Chuck and I....i say that in jest....no we are.  Adios from Phoenix.


Thursday, January 31st 2008

by Chuck Stinson

Day Three

It's Thursday and this is the day that things really start to heat up around a Super Bowl city. All the celebs are coming into town getting ready to party. Fans are arriving in full force. Those from both teams and those that are just fans of the NFL. It's really the exciting time of the week as far as that goes.

But when it comes to the game itself...it's getting time to play it.  How many different times can the Patriots and Giants answer questions? The same questions at that. I know that they are tired of being asked and most of the media corp is probably tired of asking. But what do you expect from the biggest game of the year?

We have been milling around the media center the last few days. It's interesting to see all the retired players and current players circulating through the Phoenix Convention Center. Scott encountered one of his boyhood idols. Barry Sanders. Scooter is from Michigan you know and a Lions fans (although he doesn't claim it). We both passed Jerry Rice on an escalator. I did twice.

Most of them are here for promotional reasons. Selling some goods. But it's still cool to see the guys you watch or watched every week. 

As for Phoenix, I can't say enough about the people we have run into. I know the South has the nicest people in the world, I'm quickly learning the Southwest (Phoenix for sure) has the second nicest. A big thanks to the people of KPNX, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix for their help. They have been tremendous and made this much easier on us than it should have been.

That's about it for now.  Tomorrow a report from the NFL Experience where Scooter will try to relive his glory days and I will just try to capture it on camera!


Friday February 1st, 2008

"Are You Experienced?"

by Scott Vlahon

It's Friday afternoon and we're about to satellite feed our remaining stories back to Mississippi.  We appear to be covered story wise until the actual game itself, which we will recap on WLBT on Monday.

On our way into the media center today we saw a kid wearing an interesting t-shirt.  The front said "I hate Peyton Manning"....the back of the shirt said "Eli Sucks Too."  I don't agree; however, I did have to chuckle at it.  He was a Patriots fan by the way.

Last night Chuck and I went to the NFL Experience to crank out a couple of stories.  Chuck interviewed some Giants fans on what they thought of Eli. 

Meanwhile, I did a story on the actual NFL Experience exhibit.  I did some 40 yard sprints, and made a wide range of throws.  All the while making fun of myself, and not taking things too seriously.  That story should run in tonight's 10pm sportscast.

We haven't seen anyone TOO famous in the media center so far today.  There were rumours that Adam Sandler was hanging around, but we never saw him.  He would've asked Chuck for an autograph.

That's it for now, make sure and tune into our Super Bowl coverage at 6 and 10pm tonight.


February 2, 2008

Time for predictions!


Our work is almost done here.  Only the game is left to play so I guess Scott and I should make our predictions.  But before we do I want to ask why does Ray Guy have such a hard time making it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?  Again the legendary punter, who played at Southern Miss, was up for the honor and again he was shot down.  Isn't punting a part of the game? Yes. That said, the best player to ever play his position should be a lock for the Hall.

Anyway. After much thought I believe Sunday's game is just the final puzzle for the best team ever to play in a single season.  Eli Manning and his Giants have made an impressive run to get to Super Bowl XLII but I believe their run ends now and I think it's going to end ugly. I pick the Patriots 34 to 17 thus making it a perfect 19-0 for New England. If the Giants do happen to win think of how that team will be remembered...right up there with the New York Jets and their stunning upset of the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. But I just don't see that happening. The Pats are too experienced and too good. The Giants may be a team of the future but the Patriots are a team of today. I'll turn it over to Scooter for his thoughts.

The Best Football Team Ever?

Maybe.  If they can manage to win Sunday and make it a perfect 19-0, they would at least warrant an argument for being the best team to touch the pro gridiron.  (They would get stiff competition from the '89 49ers if you ask me.

Anyhow, I do think the Pats will win on Sunday.  I am predicting a 31-20 score for Super Bowl 42.  All three of the Patriots Super Bowl wins have been by three points, but I think this year's juggernaut can at least swing a double digit win.

I do feel that if New England can win that along with being considered one of the top teams ever, you would also have to chalk up Tom Brady's season as the BEST EVER for a quarterback.  After Sunday, his football immortality will be complete.

Enough about what we think....just enjoy the game.  Chuck and I will have plenty of recap from Phoenix come Monday.


February 4, 2008


Scott and I have an early call to get to the airport later today and we still have some packing  to do but we are still buzzing about the upset that the Giants pulled off.  What a game!  Eli Manning answered a lot of questions about his career by winning MVP honors.  Honors he should have won.  It was amazing being at that game and watching it unfold.  I overheard some other media members talking prior to the postgame interviews and they said it's one that you will remember being at for a long time.  No question about it.  I've been to eight Super Bowls now and I think this one ranks up there as number one in terms of excitement.  This one will be talked about for a long time.


Hi.  That was an amazing game as Eli and his Giants once again shocked the world (at least the football world.)  His play in the fourth quarter was as good as any quarterback i've seen.

I haven't seen the official stats, but i think he was 9-12 for over 140 yards and 2 tds in the final frame.  He produced big stats when it mattered most and that is the mark of a good football player.

If Eli hadn't gotten the MVP nod, my next in line pick for it was defensive end Michael Strahan who had an exceptional game. 

However, this was Eli's game and I am proud of what he accomplished.  I won't lie; I have dogged him at points of his Giants career.  I feel foolish for ever having done that. 

Hopefully, his former teammate Tiki Barber feels foolish too for having dogged Manning several times on national tv.  What a coincidence that the first year he is gone, his former team wins a title.  Anyhow, hats off too Mr. Manning.  Time for bed.

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