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Jackson 02/02/08

172nd Airlift Wing Honored

The Mississippi Air National Guard 172nd Airlift Wing was honored Saturday for exemplary service.

A ceremony was held to recognize the 172nd for accomplishments in evacuating wounded soldiers from Iraq.

The airlift wing marked its 26th consecutive month of over 90% completed missions.

It is the highest record of achievement in the U.S. Air Force C-17 fleet.

Airlift Wing Commander Col. William Hill said, "Nobody in the air force has accomplished that. We're the only ones that have, and in fact nobody's even gotten to 12 months, so it's just phenomenal. These guys and gals who work on these airplanes do an absolutely fabulous job with it."

The 172nd has transported over 22,000 patients for treatment to the United States.

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