Scruggs Is A No-Show at Court-Ordered Questioning - - Jackson, MS

Oxford 02/04/08

Scruggs Is A No-Show at Court-Ordered Questioning

Indicted attorney Richard "Dickie" Scruggs did not show up for questioning in U.S. District Court in Oxford Monday.

Scruggs was ordered last Friday to submit to questioning under oath by State Farm attorneys. The sworn deposition is part of a lawsuit in which State Farm is suing Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood and not related to the judicial bribery case against Scruggs.

U.S. District Judge Michael Mills said Scruggs must testify for a deposition by 5 pm Monday, but Scruggs was a no-show. E-mails were exchanged over the weekend between attorneys for Scruggs and State Farm. Scruggs' attorney, John Keker, said he was out of the country and undergoing a minor operation.

State Farm attorney Barney Robinson forwarded the e-mails to Judge Mills. Mills ruled Scruggs' absence unacceptable and said the court would not tolerate any further attempts to violates its February 1st order.

Mills extended the deadline for Scruggs' deposition until 5pm Tuesday. In his order, Judge Mills said "any future non-compliance with this court's orders relating to Scruggs' deposition will be dealt with as contempt."

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