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Jackson 02/05/08

Justice For Sale: State Farm Versus Attorney General Jim Hood

By: Marsha Thompson

Attorney General Jim Hood and State Farm Insurance lawyers will square off in a Natchez federal courtroom Wednesday morning. State Farm sued Hood last November to stop him from renewing a criminal investigation into State Farms claim's activity following Hurricane Katrina.

Attorney General Jim Hood and high powered trial lawyer, Dickie Scruggs claim that "whistleblower" Kerri Rigsby, can prove State Farm altered documents. She admits stealing the classified information from State Farm files. State Farm was granted an injunction halting hoods threatened criminal action.

A federal judge will decide tomorrow if that injunction should continue. In the meantime, Northern District federal judge, Mike Mills threatened Scruggs with contempt of court if he did not submit to questioning by State Farm attorneys by 5 p.m. today in Oxford. Scruggs vowed to exercise his fifth amendment at the deposition and not answer questions.

Scruggs and others face federal charges of bribing a Circuit Court Judge with $40,000 in order to get a favorable ruling regarding millions in Katrina legal fees. Scruggs claims he is innocent of the charges. 

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