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November 3, 2008

From The Sports Desk

November 3, 2008

Postseason Ready

by Chuck Stinson

I love playoff football. It's the best that sports has to offer.

NFL, High School, and the College divisions that actually play a postseason.

Friday night the high school playoffs get underway and I can't wait. In a couple of weeks, Millsaps and Delta State will begin their runs at their respective national championships. 

Friday night or Saturday afternoon in the fall with a loser go home/winner move on's the best. 

I think my love of it comes from first, being weaned on the NFL and second, my experience in high school where our team was always in the postseason. Fond memories of both fuel my excitement for the title chase.

It's the one thing the division one college football higher ups are missing. It's a tired argument that I won't get into but I sure would love to see a playoff for the highest division.  Imagine a Texas Tech-Florida first round matchup. Or an Alabama-Oklahoma State. What fun it would be.

That's not going to happen anytime soon so I guess we will just have to live with what we have. I will happily do so. I won't let the misguided visions of the BCS folks spoil my enjoyment of fall playoff football.

I can't wait until Friday.









October 18, 2008


by Chuck Stinson

While waiting to do some more of this new fangled internet work I thought I might mix in a couple of thoughts on this football Saturday.

Ole Miss is on the brink of being a really good team but not there yet. Too many mistakes and missed opportunities have cost this team four games now. How many more can they let slip away? They might be kicking themselves at bowl time when they add up all the woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Southern Miss is officially a bad football team with a lot of potential. Penalties and lack of defense have the Golden Eagles reeling. Four straight losses now after today's defeat at Rice. On the bright side (if there is one) Deandre Brown is as good as advertised. Four touchdowns today. He will be a delight to watch during his stay in Hattiesburg.

My vote for the Conerly at just over the midway point of the season goes to Juan Joseph of Millsaps. His Majors are 7-0 and he has thrown 21 touchdown passes. He is good. He deserves a good hard look by all of the state's media members.

Jackson State and Mississippi State will make history next year playing in Starkville. I love the idea of the atomsphere, and the excitement it will generate. But I am quite sure this will not be much of a competition. I wish it could be different but in this day and age it's just a fact of life the SWAC schools are facing uphill battles with facilities, funding and everything else that has limited their ability to recruit the quality athletes they were used to getting for so long. 














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