Thanks for Following Friskillo Murder - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 02/20/08

Thanks for Following Friskillo Murder

Thank you for following up on the attack upon and murder of John Friskillo. I and another of John's friends worked with him in Jackson radio in the 1970s. 

John gave me a job when WJQS first went to a 24-hour broadcast day and the job helped me get through school. (I am now a PhD psychologist who has continued to consult in broadcasting and the record business.)  John trained our friend in country radio and music direction/promotion, and he came to Nashville to become one of the most influential people in country music in the 1990s through today.

Both of us have been in Nashville for over twenty years.  My friend's sister heard about John's attack on WLBT.  We have been following it since, and are checking your website daily.  It appears that no other news source in Jackson is following this story, so we are grateful for your continued attention.   Our relatives in Jackson and surrounding areas are also watching WLBT because they remember John.

Your attention is particularly appreciated because one of John's loves was following and delivering the news.  He was a wonderful broadcaster who helped define radio in Jackson during his time.  In addition to Big Band (broadcasting at WJQS out of the old King Edward Hotel) and Country (where he was well-known and well-regarded even in Nashville), John influenced R&B as part of Ike Turner's and others' rise to fame.  And what a voice!

We are all greatly saddened and thoroughly appalled at this horrible event, because John was a tremendous, kind-hearted and truly unique individual.

Thanks again for your continued attention to this story.

Best regards,

Terrell McDaniel

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