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Judge Denies Several Motions in Judicial Bribery Case

In the latest court action in our continuing coverage of Justice for Sale, a federal judge has denied several motions by attorneys for Dickie Scruggs.  

Scruggs and others are charged with bribing Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey with 40 thousand dollars in return for a favorable ruling in a lawsuit over legal fees.  

In a motion to suppress wiretap evidence, Scruggs' attorneys alleged there was no conspiracy to bribe Judge Lackey and the government omitted portions of audio recordings that clears the defendants and defeats the government's conspiracy claims.

Judge Neal Biggers disagreed and denied the motion to suppress.

Biggers also denied a motion asking that Zach Scruggs and Sidney Backstrom be tried separately from Dickie Scruggs, who is Zach Scruggs' father.

A motion to keep evidence of prior similar bad acts out of the trial was also denied.

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