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Jackson 03/04/08

Talk Back 3: Severe Weather Comments

Vernon Flynt

Dear Barbie,

            I would like to thank you for staying on the air last night. My family and I live in Covington County and WLBT is the only station that will fully cover our area. We appreciate everything you do and keep up the good work. May God bless you and your family.

Michelle Milner, Madison


We think you are awesome and don't worry about all those people fussing about their shows.  They should use this time to spend with their children and listen to the weather to keep them safe.  My two girls got caught up on their AR reading.  My eight year old insists on sharing her books so I was entertained without having to listen to Howie!

Keep on doing the great work you do and I hope you are doing well with that "baby girl".  We can't wait for you to have her......(Bet you feel the same way!)


Tammy Madden, Collins

Please do not go to regular schedule programing.  I am in Collins and we depend on you. Our local station is not doing half of what you guys are.  We depend on you. Thanks for including us in your coverage area. 

Gloria Butler

Hey Barbie,

We just want to thank you for your sacrifice. I know you usually work the 10 news also, but it's got to be hard sitting there as long as  you do during bad weather- especially when you're pregnant,  when you could possibly run home and be with your own family, has got to be 
hard. I know you're exhausted. But, I really appreciate you being  there for our family, when I'm sure you'd love to be  with your own.

Prentiss Smith, Hattiesburg

Coverage of Hattiesburg...I know that we are not in your coverage area but you are our local channel on satellite, so please try to keep us in mind when giving updates.

WLBT Viewer, Betty

Dear Barbie,

We certainly appreciate all you and your team do to keep us informed when we have bad weather in our area. You have the knowledge and capabilities to keep us informed  about what we can expect. Thank you for all you to do help us stay abreast of what is taking place and what we need to do. We appreciate having dedicated people who care about the viewers.

WLBT Viewer, Paige J. Smith

You answered a question for me earlier about my grandmother and thank you. My grandfather wants you to know that he is picking your station up CLEAR as bell in Columbia so please keep him posted, it would mean the world to me as well!  
Worried grand-daughter

Reggie Day, McComb

Hi Barbie,

Thank you for being there when we needed you this evening. Your accurate reporting and calm demeanor was definitely appreciated during those moments of anxiety and fear of the unknown. Keep up the great work and take care of yourself and the little one.

Taneisha Coleman, Magnolia

Dear Barbie

Thanks so much for all the in depth weather updates tonight,you and your staff have done a miraculous job on keeping your viewing area safe and in the know.And to those viewer's that have been wanting you off the air to look at their favorite TV show's like Deal or No Deal,well I wanted to see it too,but I have a 4 year old son and I'm 9 months pregnant and their and my safety is most important above any TV people get your priorities straight and thank your lucky star's that your life was spared.

The Ethredges, at Camp New Life in Braxton

Hi, Barbie,
    All three Jackson stations pretty much quit broadcasting about severe weather after it's passed the Jackson/Brandon area.  We are in Braxton.  Although we are directly south of you, the weather hits us at a diagonal, so we receive severe weather maybe 30 - 60 minutes later than Jackson.  By then there is no tv coverage of what might be about to hit us, because the Jackson metro area is out of danger.
    Thanks to your lone broadcast out of all the stations three years ago this Feb 5, our family was forewarned of a tornado that did hit our house. You had just gotten word from the sheriff's dept here that there was indeed an active tornado, you immediately announce it, and we had the few seconds we needed to run to a closet with our riding helmets on!!
    Can you consider continuing broadcasting until areas a little S/SE of you, yet well within your viewing area, are on the safe side

Sidra, Byram

Hi Barbie,

Thanks for keeping us alert with the latest weather.  We are in Byram and I was wondering if you know when the worst will be here for us?

I have one other question for you.  I am originally from Louisiana and have been here for about 5 years.  We are use to hurricanes and of course have days of warnings for them.  They are also devasting but we always get out ahead of time and do not delay.  With tornadoes, there really isn't much warning.  They are really devastating and almost no warning.  We are seriously considering a tornado shelter and was wondering if you have one and if so what kind?  In ground or a "safe room". Thanks for all your help,

Stacey Dawson,  Yazoo City

We love you up here in Yazoo City.

I'm a real baby when it comes to bad weather, how bad will it be here in Yazoo.

Thank you

Stacey Dawson

Wally Kennedy

Hey Barbie,

In the middle of all this, as you are telling us how to be safe, I just want you to know that you and all the folks there are being prayed for.  You are AWESOME and I miss you.  I was moved to tears when Mark Anderson talked about you taking care of Kara Grace at her funeral.  You are a special lady.

Jarrett Kinnard, Brandon

Hello mrs Bassett,  I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job telling the people in Mississippi what is going on outside. You don't have to apologize to people because they wanted to see "Deal or No Deal." Just continue keeping of Mississippi safe.

WLBT Viewer

Sorry, but can we please watch Medium. I understand people need to be informed but isn't a scrolling banner with an interruption from NOAA once and a while good enough. It sure use to be. You guys now make bad storms into a show of it's own.

Sorry, but jeez...

WLBT Viewer

We got it, that's enough, please get off the air, there is such a thing called the weather channel. please you dont have to keep saying the same thing over and over also you listening to the weather radio on the air is ridiculous.

Chris & Stacey Strickland, Clinton

Thank You for all of your hard work tonight. Because of your hard work you save lives.  So please feel free to cut in on the tv at any time. My families life is more important than a tv show. 

I you could please show more street maps in Clinton. I live north of Clinton on Pinehaven and the bad weather seems to comes through here a lot.

Douglas Grey, Kosciusko

Mrs. Bassett,

You and Eric Law came under the gun last night for remaining on while other stations chose to allow regular programming. I am one of the people without a home computer nor a weather alert radio.

While it would have been okay to see Deal or No Deal, I was more concerned with being blown out of my mobile home!!!

When you replied to the Attala county e-mail stating the worst had past I went to bed at 9:50 PM knowing I was okay.

I hope you and Eric had time to rest today. Thank you for your commitment and concern for ALL the WLBT/NBC viewers.

Tammi Moore


I read your blog this morning, and was dismayed by the negative emails that you received regarding your coverage last night. I thought you, and Eric, did a great job keeping us informed. I think your reading of emails from viewers is a nice personal touch, it shows to me that you really care about the viewers, and any questions that they may have, ranging from weather questions, to the ones regarding cancellations of activities, games, etc. Other channels don't do that for us.

I just hope and pray for your continued dedication to us, regardless of what so-called "educated" individuals may think. (That one really got me, I'm sorry, some people think they know everything, and they don't know squat)! Sorry about that..... :)

Just pray for peace and the Lord will sustain you! Keep up the great work, and thanks again for your help yesterday with the weather radio information that you sent me.

Paul Russell, Magee

I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" for your continued coverage of the severe weather tonight. I have the Internet and I'm watching Weather Underground as I'm listening and watching WLBT. If you've ever lived through a tornado or 100 MPH straight line winds, you can't get enough coverage. The siren just went off again out here in the boondocks.

Jay & Claire Carona, Summit

We live 3.5 miles West of I-55 on 24 Hwy. right at the Pike Amite Line. {West of McComb}The weather got real bad here on the first wave 3/4'' Rain fall. On the 2nd. wave to come through my rain total here at the county line is a little over 2-1/2'' in my rain gauge. A bit scary when you reported a tornado west of Fernwood at the Pike/Amite county line. That is close to our home. Thanks for the precise weather reporting. I can not express my appreciation of your reporting.

WLBT Viewer, Sylvia

Oh, Miss Barbie and Mr. Eric, couldn't you have just typed the information across the bottom of the screen?

My 81-year-old mother and my husband and I are so distraught that we couldn't see what the guy on "Deal" did, how he came out. Maybe on the 10 p.m. news you can tell us how the wanna-be baseball player turned out on "Deal"? (We didn't see the 2nd contestant, so we don't have to know about him.)

It would have been better if we hadn't seen any of it, than to get hooked on it and wanting the guy to win, then never knowing whether he did or not.

We love you dearly, Miss Barbie, always have, always will. But I don't understand why on yours and other channels the information can't just be typed for the bottom of the screen. Or couldn't you at least leave us a square with "Deal" on it?

I'm sorry. I know it is important stuff. (And it is heading right toward us now, I guess.) But thanks anyway for all you do. We're just inquiring, small minds who love our TV and our favorite shows. We love ya'll too. Sorry again.

WLBT Viewer, James


I wish you could say on television what most of us are thinking. Who cares about Deal or No Deal when there are severe weather warnings!

I am shocked at how selfish and inconsiderate some people can be. I don't think I could keep my cool as well as you have. Thanks for the coverage.

WLBT Viewer, Terry

I HAVE DISCOVERED WHERE THE INCOMPETENT METEOROLOGIST GO WHEN THEY CANNOT WORK ANYWHERE ELSE. APPARENTLY THEY ARE EMPLOYEED AT YOUR STATION UNDER YOUR CAREFUL SUPERVISION. Tonights display of total uneducated simplicity only shows that you are incapable of truly giving a weather report but rather enjoy feeling that your useless conversation is somehow going to save lives.

WLBT Viewer

First of all I do not want my name mentioned on the air but I think that someone needs to do a story on how important weather broadcasting during severe weather is more important than watching your favorite TV show. Just about everytime that severe weather is in Mississippi and WLBT is on the air for several hours some(stupid) person calls or e-mails wanting to know if and when their TV show will be coming on!! Get real people!! Trying to save lives is a whole **** of alot more important than watching a TV show!!It would not bother me at all if WLBT was on 24/7.  Have a great day!!

Charles White

Please stop apologizing for doing your job! A lot of people know that when severe weather approaches they can tune in to WLBT and get all the weather information the need. Your job is to save the lives of people in your viewing area. As a former Assistant Director of the Harrison County EOC I can tell you that people CAN NOT depend on information received from the internet! If one or two people are so self centered that a game show is more important than a life saved then they should re-evaluate their own life. They are the same people that would be more than ready to sue you for not providing information if they were to lose a loved one.

Angela Boyd, Wathall County

Dear Barbie, Don't feel as though you have to apologize to people because they missed their game show.  We live in Walthall Co. and our local radio station got hit with lightning a little before 6 pm.  Because we were under a tornado warning most of the evening, we were so glad to get weather info from WLBT. If folks are upset because of missing their shows, tell them to go watch CBS! We are very thankful for your weather information.

Geoff Still, Wathall County

Dear Barbie,

Don't feel as though you have to apologize to people because they missed their game show.  We live in Walthall Co. and our local radio station got hit with lightning a little before 6 pm.  Because we were under a tornado warning most of the evening, we were so glad to get weather info from WLBT. If folks are upset because of missing their shows, tell them to go watch CBS! We are very thankful for your weather information.

Wanda and Amanda, Crystal Springs

Barbie, thank you so much for working overtime to get the weather out to us.  We are in Crystal Springs and with new twin boys and a new mommy afraid of bad weather it is so comforting to have you keeping us up to date! What is Crystal Springs looking like? Take care of yourself and congratulations on your new "little one" !

Kathy Nelson

I just drove through HORRIBLE (that doesn't even touch it) weather between Puckett and Pelahatchie about 45 minutes ago. I WAS SCARED!!!! I cannot understand the ignorance of people worried about what they have missed on TV as opposed to lives being in danger.

I know you can't listen to the WLBT on the radio BUT RANDY BELL kept me informed and while I was on the road and I am grateful......

I want to thank you and Eric for CARING!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLESS YOU !!!!!!!

Kristi, Monticello

Thank you for your weather coverage.  We have been tuned in all afternoon.  Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Barbie, you are a beautiful person and your talent is truly a gift from God.

Brandon, McComb

Hi Barbie - I just want to say thanks from McComb to Eric and yourself for your concern and persistence in keeping us informed and all the proper precautions to be taken - Thank you so much! and if you get anymore negative emails -- just disregard they really don't mean it :)   God Bless You-

Janet Runnells, Magee

just wanted to say thank-you sooo much for your coverage of the severe weather last night.  I live in Simpson County right in the corner of Simpson, Smith, and Covington.  You and Eric Law did a great job.  God bless both of you.  And your families.  I know that you all wanted to be with them during the weather but your commitment to the viewers was outstanding.
Again, I wanted to say thank-you.  Please pass this along to Eric Law. God bless!

Kathy Case

I hope you were able to get some rest after yesterday. You and Eric did an outstanding job with the weather. I watched WLBT from 4:00-10:30 last night. I thought some of the e-mails that you read on the air were sort of comical because it seems like on several occasions when you would give an update on certain areas someone would e-mail and want to know the status of their location! I guess I am a little finatical when it comes to news and weather but when the weather is getting bad I watch WLBT and have my weather radio on at the same time. Also you were a little nicer than I would have been to the woman that e-mailed about missing a t.v. show!! HELLO!!! I believe that trying to save lives is more important that a t.v. show!! Get some rest and have a great day!!  ( Corrie's Mom)

Shannon Ishee,

Dear Barbie,

I want to thank you for keeping us up to date on the weather. I can see you are tired and I am sure would like to be resting right now. I live in Laurel, Ms. We have direct tv. we have to turn off the TV to get local weather.  It is wonderful for us, when you include Jones County in your weather report. I can't believe that someone such as the person (PEGGY) that you mention on the air, is so selfish that she would risk peoples lives to watch some other programing that will be a rerun someday. Thank you again for keeping us posted. I pray the Lord blesses you and your new baby.

Jennifer Brown, Brandon

 Just wanted to say THANK YA'LL for reporting the news and weather. Also, congrats about your baby. I think your clothes are so cute. God Bless You and all the crew .

Judy Ferrell, Brookhaven

Barbie, Thanks for staying on the air and keeping us informed.  You and Eric are doing a GREAT JOB !!!! Keep up the good work. 

Heather Jordan, Loyd Star

I just wanted to say "thank you" to you Barbie and you Eric and everyone who is staying up this late to keep everyone informed of this bad weather. Thank you very much. P.S. Congrats on the baby Barbie! When are you due?

Amanda Ledbetter

Great coverage Barbie!!  It's comforting to know you're keeping an eye out!

Vicky Chance, Lawrence County

Thank you so much for keeping us up on the latest weather conditions. We live in south/east Lawrence Co. between Arm and Oakvale. Thanks again for everything you, Eric, and Paul do.


Hey Barbie,

Thanks so much for keeping us informed!  My parents were heading back from a business dinner in Ellisville tonight and would have been in Collins when the possible tornado was coming through.  I was able to call them and warn them to stay put until the storm clears thanks to your break-in.  We appreciate your efforts to keep our families safe!!

Suzanne Barnette,  Madison

Barbie, our family wants to THANK YOU (and the rest of the crew) for your coverage of the storm.  since we live in "tornado alley" in Gluckstadt, this storm information is very important to us - not to mention that Mary Peyton is watching TV lots!!!

John Bevalaque

Thanks for the coverage .. I am so glad Jackson missed alot of the bad weather ...  I almost went to the coast to work tonight .. Glad I didnt thanks for the coverage .. And congrats on the baby to be soon  ...  Good Luck ,,,

Martha Smith, Edinburg

Hi Barbie,

I just wanted to thank you for the way you kept everyone informed last night on the weather.  I am terrified of bad weather.  Our trailer was destroyed by a tornado in 1984 and I have been terrified ever since.  I live at Edinburg, MS and my rain gauge showed that we got 3 ½ inches of rain.  You really helped me get through the night by staying on and keeping me aware of all the thunderstorms that were going on.  My husband drives a big truck and I was home alone.  Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do.

Eva Morris, Columbia

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for doing such a good job
reporting the weather last night.(Monday 3/3/08) I live in Columbia and for
some reason we cannot get WDAM so we watch WLBT.  And as for the e-mail you
got last night about taking up airtime, I appreciate the station for
allowing the weather team to air details as you did last night.  Keep up the
good work!!!   By the way I have three children Sabrina is 9 and Jana and
Jacob are 7(twins) and they all love you and any time the weather is getting
bad they think we need to find Miss Barbie on the news. Good luck with your
new baby and may God Bless you and your family.


Mike Flanagan, Jackson

hanks for going to the National Weather Service and recognizing the Amateur Radio Operator who was manning the station set up for receiving messages from other operators out in the field. Some at work,  some at home, and some out in their vehicles chasing the storms. His name is Doug, K5CID. He and  all the operators who were in contact with him are licensed by the F.C.C. These operators work at the  weather service, some of the county EOC's and mostly out in field during every major weather event and  most disasters that come with it. They set portable stations at the disaster relief sites to ensure the victims do not run out of supplies and always have at least one means of communication. Not to mention all the man hours spent for public service events, like the MS150 bike race, the Walk For Diabetes, the Mississippi Blues Marathon and many more.These operators perform these duties religiously and are never compensated anything for the time, the  equipment or even the gas they burn. They never back away no matter the circumstances or conditions and they never even suggest to deserve a pat on the back.

This past summer Julie Straw did a nice commentary on Amateur Radio during an annual event called  " Field Day " held at the reservoir. Anyway, there are only about 5000 licensed operators in the state and I think it's great to see them get A Pat On The Back from time to time. To learn more there are two local  clubs and each has a website.

The newest group is the Central Mississippi Amateur Radio Association             WWW.CMSARA.ORG

The oldest club in the state, The Jackson Amateur Radio Club                           WWW.MSHAM.ORG

P.S. you look marvelous

The Shivers, Shivers

Want to let you know that we are VERY APPRECIATIVE of the constant weather coverage!  We won't turn it from channel three until all of this bad weather is over!   THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Brandon & Emily Rut/Gluckstadt/Madison

Barbie, just wanted to thank all of the WLBT storm team for your "In-Depth" coverage of this powerful weather system.   I assure you that all of your viewers appreciate the time your team spends informing the Central MS viweing area.  We have recieved 2-3 inches in the past hour here in Gluckstadt/Madison area.


Beverly "D" Calcote, Brookhaven


This is to to encourage you and say "thanks" for how you and the station kept those of us that care about our lives informed!  In watching you constantly apologize for the manner in which weather broadcasting preempts other programming, I thought I'd put the matter into a common sense perspective:


A.  the weather caused power, cable, satellite outages, or

B.   viewers died while watching their favorite shows (instead of the weather that would have been on to warn them to take cover from that                    unexpected storm that is now in their area)


So keep up the good work and don't stress yourself and the baby about it.  There are still those of us that want to "LIVE"!

Corey, Brandon

Dear Barbie,
Thanks for your help on keeping us informed. Your my #1  meteorologist for local weather. Thanks again, much appreciated.

Leigh Patterson Switzer


Thank-you for doing such a wonderful job with the weather updates tonight. You always do such a great job keeping our community updated and I appreciate it! Keep up the good work and try to get some rest tonight.

 Carol, Ridgeland

The Weather ( Woodie, wish you were back) I hated Channel 3 last night!  Talk about overdoing something, geez.  From the time I got home at 4:45 until 7:30, then back again around 8:15, hardly anything but yakking about weather.  Come on!  Whatever happened to just putting the state map in the corner with the counties highlighted and the scroll across the bottom, then just breaking in occasionally? 

Then interrupting Deal or No Deal - one of the few NBC shows worth watching - and Barbie later flippantly saying oh you know, someone will win a million some day - well, I would like to know how much the guy from Tennessee won who we were watching after you got through eating!  Barbie, you said the viewers meant so much you had to keep them posted, then in the next line Eric said something about eating, I'm glad you took a little while off to eat.  And reading the e-mails, who gives a flip about them - probably the ones who wrote just wanted to hear their names on the air.

I called the WAPT phone number for messages (355-1616) and spouted off to them, and wished I knew one at WLBT to call too.  I'm sure you lost a lot of money in advertising.  Thank heavens for Fox News.

Angie Barnard, Braxton

Thank You for tying up the airways with the weather report. In our neighborhood there is a lot of folks that do no have the web and your news cast is the only source of weather information they receive. And my eleven year old boy, Blake and I have been in a tornado in January of 2008 and appreciate the concern to break-in the airways to keep us infromed. We stay glued to the weather report.

Bridget Hayes

I just want to let you know that I think you and Eric are doing a great job!  I have a Midland weather radio, but I still would rather listen to the weather updates that you give than the weather radio.  I have heard you answer several emails tonight complaining about you interrupting the regular programming.  I just want you to know that I would rather miss one of my usual shows if it means that you may save someone's life even if the weather is no where around me.  I live in Smith county and there have been several warnings for us tonight and I am thankful that we did not get any of the really severe weather that you have covered our area the entire night.  

Shannon Carr, Sontag


I just wanted to write and say a big THANK YOU for all the coverage your channel has given us. To me the lives of my family and friends are more important than any tv show, even if it turns out to not be bad. Keep up the great work.

Sharon Hollingsworth, Lake

Thank you for staying with us in the town of Lake in scott county,  We had some hard winds that did alot of damage.  We are just now looking around there are some trees down and some damage to the town and our church.  People need to realize the weather does cross the pearl river.  We love Barbie , but  i do hope you will be able to get off you feet soon,   we want that baby born health.

Beverly Cook, Simpson County

Dear Barbie,

I wanted to thank you for all that you and Eric do to keep us safe.  I know there are people out there who just don't care about anyone but themselves and can be very discouraging to you.  I have written you before about my being disabled and how that seeing the radar and hearing ya'll tell where a storm, especially a tornado, is and when it will be in my area.  Simpson cty is very large so when a warning is issued I need to know where it is so that I can get to a safe area.  My mother doesn't use the computer, and as fate would have it our weather radio wasn't working.  Even though we just got a Midland radio and I programmed it this morning for our cty but it didn't go off.  We don't know what was wrong.  We kept trying to get it to work righ but it didn't.  At least we had the old one.  Anyway, thanks again for making my life simpler.  You do a great job.  God bless you and keep up the good work. 

Rev. B.J. Davidson, Morton

Hey barbie,

Your're doing a great job.  I live in Morton, MS. but my son lives in Wesson. he was on the way home from work and ran into bad weather there, he was on the phone with his mother and had to hang up due to the weather. His wife called back a minute later and said he lost control of his truck and ran up through  the woods. hH said he was blessed he was not hurt.  He said the weather was terrible there. Thanks again

Kassey Hall, Leesburg


I would like to thank you and WLBT weather team for your great coverage during these severe weather cells.  We have family in the Mount Olive area and we are able to keep them alert by phone when watching your broadcast.  Thanks again for the great coverage. 


It is totally unnecessary to spend hours upon hours on the air giving the weather, even if the weather is bad.  You are not doing a public service, if anything, you are heightening fear in an attempt to increase ratings.  Breaking in from time to time and giving updates at the bottom of the screen is adequate in most situations, even tonight.  The audience is well aware that your station has the finest, most up to date equipment available along with the most knowledgeable, experienced meteorologists, but enough is enough.  Do you really have to read emails on the air?  Television stations exist based on viewers and advertising.  Well, I watched other stations tonight.



While I appreciate your continued broadcast of the severe weather and have taken the necessary precautions, you are the only local channel that has preempted the regular lineup.  We are watching other broadcast because they are only breaking in every 30 minutes or if there is a major change in the weather.  We stopped watching CBS because Tony did the same thing you are doing.  Hoping for normal TV on NBC.

Roy & Cindy Bates, Prentiss


My husband and I watch Channel 3 for all of our news and weather.  On Monday night March 3rd we were watching when you answered an e-mail from a Peggy somebody questioning you about the continuous coverage and using all the airtime for the weather.  Your explanation was wonderful and you handled it very graciously.  There is nothing more important than keeping the public informed when there is bad weather.  Your answer was perfect.  This person evidently is very self-centered.  My husband and I were very happy with how you answered her.  Keep up the good work! 


Please, please get off the air. Everyone knows the weather is bad and we can catch you online if we have to. We have radios but this is ridiculous at how you just take over the airways at the slightest hint of bad weather.

Julie Rawls, Crooked Creek Community, Silver Creek

Shameful that some were more concerned about Deal or No Deal than the safety of their fellow Mississippians.  I was home alone with my two small boys in Lawrence Co. and was solely relying on your reports to keep us safe.  My DEAL was to keep my children safe throughout these storms.  Thank you so much for your hard work and concern for us!  I know you are exhausted and hope you will be able to get a good night's sleep....little baby Bassett will probably be ready to "play" as soon as you get to rest!! 
Keep up the great reporting and never worry that we may be missing a ridiculous T.V. show in place of our safety.

Betty Mowdy, Carthage

Hi Barbie,

I cannot believe the email you read from the lady fussing about ya'll taking over the airwaves!! I just want you and ALL of WLBT to know that the people from Carthage and Leake County appreciate what you do to help keep us safe. I have a radio and computer but I would rather keep up with the weather by watching WLBT when possible. You all do such a wonderful job and the state is blessed to have you all and I'm sure there are more people that feel the way I do than the way the other lady does. Keep up the good work and we'll be listening!!


Dear Barbie,

Please keep it short. You can report about amount of rainfall etc... in your regular news hour. Please don't take up the ENTIRE evening TV program. You are the only broadcast that keeps going on and on and on.

Jerry Gould

I want to say thankyou for your up to date info, I love Deal or no Deal as much as anyone but I live in Hopewell just south of Crystal Springs and your coverage is very important to me and my family, We don't have a Civil defense system out here. Thankyou for all of your good work

Cindy Sanford , Seminary

Please tell your unhappy emailer/viewer  that is unhappy with you interupting her programming, that re-runs will always be there but the Severe Weather is just that Severe Weather and that there are those of us that do appreciate all you do to keep us informed and safe from the severe Weather.  I live in a Mobile Home and have to go across the road to my Mother in laws when the storms are a threat, therefore, having up to the minute reports gives me notice of how soon I should run across the road to safety.  You handled the email and viewer response so well and certainly we hope that nothing bad happens to this viewer but if it
does maybe she will appreciate all you and your team do to alert us in time.  Obviously this person has not experienced severe weather.  I am old enough to have sat through Cameille as a child living two blocks off Hwy 90 and crazy enough to think I could sit out the Katrina storm. 
When I was without WLBT due to power outage I learned just how much I do appreciate you all.

Thanks for being so good at what you do.  Congratulations on your new baby coming.  I remember emailing you when your other child was born. 
God Bless you and keep you safe and have an easy birth with this one.

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