Talk Back 3: Racist Commercials- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 03/27/08

Talk Back 3: Racist Commercials- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

The "American Workers" commercial saying that the black man is being put out of work by illegal immigrants and that we need to protect the jobs for black americans, this commercial is extremly racist and offensive. If this commercial said that we need to protect the white american it would be considered racist. This constant segregation must stop. If black americans want everyone to be  equal, like they say, than that's great, so they need to quit seperating their race from everyone elses. No other race has their own college fund, their own Ms America, their own history month, their own circus, etc. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If one race, out of all the races that make up our great nation, is continually allowed to speak up only on their behalf, than it is only fair and equal for us all to do the same. What is fair for one is fair for all.I believe that we are all created equal in the eyes of God and I'm tired of feeling that the black community is the only one allowed to be proud of who they are, or speak out for what they believe, and that we all, every nationality, are proud of our heritage or traditons and what we've contributed to our country.  Thank you, Lisa

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