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Jackson 04/03/08

Digitizing Health Records

United states secretary of health and human services mike leavitt was in jackson this morning. He's starting a pilot program to bring health records in to the twenty first century. Leavitt joined governor haley barbour in a discussion with hospital administrators from across the state. Currently, only 85 percent of doctors offices keep patient record electronically. Leavitt's five year plan will offer financial incentives to doctors who implement the pilot program. Leavitt says this will reduce medical errors by connecting doctors across the country electronically. Governor barbour says it will also improve care and reduce costs. "our health information system is 40 years out of date. There is no industry in america as advanced as health care that has no true information system," said barbour.  "that's why this is important to quality of care and it's important to cost."   leavitt says the project is still on the ground floor but he would like to see mississippi doctors take part in the pilot program.
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