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Vicksburg 04/07/08

Emergency Flood Update - City of Vicksburg

The current river level is 48' 1" as of April 7, 2008.

Residents of Falk Steel Road, Browns Alley, Mary's Alley, Rankin Alley, remaining Chickasaw Road west of the railroad, as well as Eva Street, Ford Road, Williams Street are strongly encouraged to relocate.

Hutson Street, Round Alley, Randle Street, Waterwell Road, Kings Crossing, Railroad Alley, and Young Alley please stay aware of each day's river stage and local rain/storm conditions, the backwater is creeping up and you also have a greater potential for flash flooding because of the drainage.

South Vicksburg in the flood plain area - with the 49' foot river crest, must be making relocation preparation plans. These areas and others along lower parts of bayous and creeks and streams and culverts will likely experience flash flooding with the river stage already up.

These areas include Cedars School area, Hall Road, Warrenton Lane, Mop Lane, Central Drive., Short Street, Cedars Street, Magnolia Road, Mattingly Road, and Rifle Range Road...and of course, the lower end roads in the Hamilton Heights area, Marion Park and Cairo Drive, Stout Street., Avenue E, Valley Street, Polk Street, Togo Street, Baker Street, Roosevelt Street, Olive Street. At least one resident at Letourneau Road has taken on water.

You must monitor local weather conditions for any local rainfall that with river flooding can create the deadly potential for flash flooding. Prepare your self, family, home and property for this hazard. Use and evacuation and flash flood checklist to help you prepare.

If you relocate, contact the City Action Line - 601-636-3411 and provide your first and last name, current address, # in household and relocation contact information including relocation phone number.

Check the daily recorded message by calling 601-801-3443 for Vicksburg updates on the Ms River Flood 2008 and other vital information.

Barry Graham

Communications Manager/TV23

City of Vicksburg


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