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Jackson 04/14/08

Talk Back 3: Unsung Hero


I want to tell you about something I saw Friday during all of the chaos.

Friday, after the initial storm came through, my mother and I left Northeast Jackson to make our way to Walgreen's at Fortification and High Streets.  In our battle with the back side of the storm (all of the rain), we came to the intersection of the south Frontage Road and Lakeland Drive.  We were turning right on Lakeland to go to State to get to Walgreens.  At that intersection was a YOUNG JPD Officer.  He was directing traffic at the traffic light.  This child did not look like he was old enough to shave, but he was right out in ALL OF IT.  He did not even have a raincoat on his body.  I know that he must have been soaked beyond the skin.    I was wondering if you could find out who that officer was because he really needs something put into his personnel file about conduct over and above the call of duty.  When we reached the intersection of Lakeland and Old Canton, there was another JPD patrol car.  There was an officer in the car, JUST SITTING THERE,  while people were almost running over each other.

I really want you to use your sources to find this one patrolman who took his life into his hands, stood in the POURING rain, and protected us from ourselves.  Some people drive like idiots.  This patrolman need some kind of Comendation.


Lowri L. Tackett


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