Talk Back 3: Freeloaders - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 04/15/08

Talk Back 3: Freeloaders

Why does everbody think that something is owed to them when a storm or something happen. If your apartment is damaged, help clean it up. It is your house and you are the one that is out. Don't wait on someone to do it for you and don't think that Wal-Mart owes you a gift certificate because you want get off you A--. If your power goes off and your food might spoil, put it in a cool place and something else to keep it cold. Don't ask Entergy to pay for it just because you left it there. Help your friends around you and family if you can. Check on the older people and help them. People just stop waiting on someone else to do your job.I am tired of these free loaders that sit on there A-- and wait for someone else to do it and then they think they are owed something because they where put out. Get a grip on life. If a storm is coming, get ready, don't stay and think you are owed something because you were not smart enough to do the right thing.

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