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Documents Allege Improper Contact Between Peters and DeLaughter

WLBT has obtained court documents that again raise the question of possible improper contact between attorney Ed Peters and Hinds County Circuit Judge Bobby DeLaughter.

The documents were filed in ongoing litigation between Eaton Aerospace and Frisby Aerospace, in which Eaton is accusing Frisby of stealing design drawings.

The documents allege that a "special master appointed to investigate the case resigned after reporting events which can only be the result of improper contact between Ed Peters and Judge DeLaughter."

In this case DeLaughter rejected the findings of another special master and ruled in favor of Eaton, who had hired Peters as counsel.

DeLaughter has denied any wrongdoing in the Eaton case or any other case.  The allegations in these documents closely resemble a previous case over legal fees from an asbestos settlement, involving Peters and attorney Dickie Scruggs, in which DeLaughter was presiding.

DeLaughter has stepped down from the bench while the investigation into possible judicial misconduct continues.

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