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Jackson 05/01/08

Talk Back 3: Cruelty to Animals

Many of us appreciate justice and despise cruelty to helpless animals.   Therefore, we appreciated the good story Bert Case did on the vile behavior of Mike Gunn when he brutally killed the goslings, snatching them from the loving parent geese.  This is clearly the behavior of someone with a depraved heart, and someone who is dangerous.

Too few people are exposed for abuse of the helpless.  Viewers want to know that cruelty does not go unobserved, nor should it go unpunished.   Gunn should be punished to the full extent of the law.   He is clearly a contemptible person who should not be serving in the Senate.  I checked his record, and it appears that every Senate Bill he submitted died in committee.

Plaudits to Bert Case for covering this story and for following through to enlighten us as to the outcome.  We hope for better justice in this case than we received when the Bell woman walked, after what happened to that lovely girl who could have survived had 911 been called.   Instead, she was allowed to suffer for hours, hoping she would make it so charges wouldn't be brought against the murderer.  She didn't make it.   This was criminal.

One more thing, people were arrested weeks ago when they were arrested for dog fighting.  This is a felony in Mississippi, for the dog fighters and the spectators.   It is also a federal offense.

We have heard no more about it; however, I confess that I now rarely read the Jackson paper, all things considered.   It would be nice to know that the perpetrators were prosecuted for this crime and sentenced, since this is a felony conviction.   I don't believe you can "cover up" a felony, and not alert the feds of what is also a federal offense now.   It would be appreciated if WLBT could update us on this case.

Thank you for the good job WLBT does in seeking justice and in pursuing criminal activities.

Best wishes,


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