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Expired Coupon Program

There Are Two Exceptions

There are Two Exceptions

Some stateside individuals will become coupon sponsors to an overseas base. Yes, overseas bases have coupon sponsors! I remember when I was stationed in England that I used to always check the coupon file that was just inside the door of the commissary. It was a great money saver and a great convenience! If someone approaches you and states that they are a sponsor, you can be sure they aren't trying to scam you by asking what organization they are with and what the organization's website address is. These organizations generally list their overseas sponsors online so that you can confirm their story very quickly.

There are some stores in the Chicago area that will also allow the use of expired coupons. Because the stores allow it, this too is legal.

Whatever you do with your expired coupons, just be careful of the traders that misrepresent themselves as military. In this day and age, many Americans are trying to find a way to reach out to and support their military families. On behalf of the military couponers, I'd like to say thank you very much for your random acts of kindness. Just be careful who you're being kind to. It very well could be a scam artist preying on your sense of patriotism.

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**Special thanks to Barb09 for information on the Chicago area.**

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