Gun Found on School Campus - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 05/09/08

Gun Found on School Campus

By: David Kenney

The two CM&I College  students arrested are just 14 years old. Both are facing charges of carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of a firearm on school property.

Jackson Police Spokesman, Sgt. Jeffery Scott said, "We received reports two of the individuals had a weapon in their backpack, once police got there teachers conducted a search of the individuals a weapon was found in their backpack."

The two students were led from the school in handcuffs, and transported to the Hinds County Detention Center without incident. Police say it was another student who blew the whistle on their classmates.

"Evidently these young men were bragging about being in possession of a weapon on school grounds, that's how the teacher was alerted to it," Scott said. 

If found guilty, the students could face up to five thousand dollars in fines, and/or three years in prison. Police don't know where the students got the weapon.

"I'd rather not reveal whether there were bullets inside that weapon at this point. The good thing is we recovered the weapon, arrested these two men and no one was hurt," Scott added.


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