Recycling - - Jackson, MS

Pearl 05/27/08


I do wish we had a recycle program for Pearl, MS (Rankin County) I have recycled in the past but have always had to take my recycle items to a drop off point,  which are not around any more.  Now I don't even know where the drop off points are.  There are only two in Rankin County stated last night but no one stated where they are located.  (They are always full)  This must tell you people want to recycle.  Why don't we have more curve side pick ups for everyone.  Make this a Federal Law! ! !

I just wish we had more places to drop off our recycled items that is convenient and local.  How do we start a program in our city?  I believe this is the furture way of doing things and if we get started now, maybe life would be a little better for our children in the future.  I have even thought of creating a job of going to land fields and picking up recycled things to increase the space for additional trash.  I know this would be a dangerous job because no one knows what is thrown away and how it would effect your life picking up this trash.  Please - Please Recycle! ! !    Danielle Morales.

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