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Medical Matters 5 PM 5/29/08

Allergy Procedure ~ Pregnancy Teeth ~ Active Aging

Allergy Procedure

There's a relatively new procedure being offered to people who have allergies. It's a non-surgical option called turbinate coblation. Ear nose and throat specialists use radiowaves to actually shrink and remove tissue to unblock the nasal passages. The procedure takes about ten minutes and about 70 percent of people with allergies are candidates for it.

Pregnancy Teeth

The more children a woman has, the greater her chance of losing her teeth.   In a new study, researchers have linked having children to tooth loss, although they are not sure why. One explanation may be pregnancy increases the risk for gingivitis... Which could lead to tooth loss. Another theory is caring for children may mean women have less time to take care of their own teeth.   

Active Aging

If you want to keep your head clear and your memory sharp, keep busy. Harvard researchers say a busy social calendar can help you retain memory. They say people who are not socially integrated have memory decline twice as fast

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