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Jackson 06/21/08

Metro Center Robber Still UnIdentified

By David Kenney

These images from Metrocenter security cameras were taken shortly after 11 pm Friday June 6.

They show a man breaking into several stores after the mall was closed. Police baffled at how he got there in the first place.

JPD Spokesman, Sgt. Jeffery Scott says, "It's odd in the way this individual entered the mall, we believe he entered through an entrance that's normally used by employees, so we're not ruling out the possibility that he may be an employee or he may know someone who works inside the mall that's one of the avenues were looking at this point."

The man entered several stores through the service entrances in the back. How he got the locks open is a mystery. Then boldly strolled the mall hallways. Victoria's secret, Lane Bryant and two other urban fashion shops were hit.

There employees still present in some, but no one was hurt. Investigators believe the clarity of the images of the crime in progress are high quality, and anyone who knows this man should give him up.

Scott added, "The Metrocenter has probably one of the best surveillance systems in the state hopefully that will assist us in solving this case."

If you have any information about the Metrocenter burglar, call crimestoppers at 355-tips, that's 355-8477.

You could receive up to $1,000 for any information that leads to an arrest in this case, and remember at crimestoppers we don't want your name, just your information.

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