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Nationwide 06/23/08

Ceiling Fan and Other Summer Saving Options

Consumer reports has tips, starting with its latest tests on ceiling fans.

When the Hulls added a room four years ago, they decided to put in a ceiling fan. It really helps cut their energy costs. "We don't turn on the a/c until we've got probably, 90 something degree days. It stays cool," said Ashley Taylor-Hull. 

Consumer Reports checked 19 ceiling fans from the leading manufacturers, costing from $50 to nearly $300. Testers mounted each fan in a special chamber and used meters to measure the level of air movement. Other tests checked the number of revolutions per minute. "High prices don't guarantee better performance. They give you fancier finishes and fancier blades. Whichever fan you use, remember fans don't cool the room, they cool the people," said Consumer Reports' Jim Nanni.

So turn a fan off when you leave the room to save on your electric bill.

In addition to a ceiling a fan, here are some other energy-saving tips: replace incandescent lightbulbs with compact fluorescents. They use less energy and will keep your home cooler. They produce about 75 percent less heat than regular bulbs.

Another tip, clear the area around your air conditioner and clean the filter regularly so you're a/c runs at top efficiency. And, use a fan even when your air conditioner is on. So you won't have to crank your air conditioner up so high.

For more tips, please visit Consumer Reports' website.

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