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Jackson 07/01/08

Bush Headlines Wicker Fundraiser

By Wilson Stribling

On the right, a former United States Congressman elevated to Senator after Trent Lott's retirment.

On the left, a former governor hoping to cash in on Barack Obama's ability to bring more Democrats to the polls.

On Tuesday, President George W. Bush came to town hoping to give Roger Wicker the edge -- or, at least, a whole lot of money -- in the Senator's battle with Ronnie Musgrove.

Air Force One landed at Thompson Field around 11:30 Tuesday morning. Amid the usual tight security, President Bush emerged -- and one of the first people he encountered was Cameron Fox, a Red Cross volunteer from Jackson. She's the latest recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award.

Then it was into the car and on to northeast Jackson, where a massive tent was set up in Kelley and Jean Williams' front yard on Eastover Drive. Republican supporters paid a thousand dollars each to have lunch with the President.

The money is for Roger Wicker's election campaign. He's well-known in the north Mississippi district he served as a congressman, but down here, most folks know his opponent, former governor Ronnie Musgrove, better. This is an effort to overcome that.

While the fundraising lunch was underway in Eastover, Mississippi Democrats launched a counter-offensive at a gas station on Beasley Road.

"By his association with and endorsement of George Bush's failed policies, Senator Wicker has demonstrated that he is out of step with where Mississippi is today," said State Senator John Horhn (D-Jackson). "The Bush-McCain policies have screwed up this country's energy policies, resulting in the highest gasoline prices in this history of the United States, which is affecting everything from the price of transportation to food prices to housing to job security."

There are still four months to go before we have a winner. Until then, expect to see as much publicity as money can buy.

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