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Jackson 07/02/08

Disappointed in Station Broadcast of Divorce of former Congressman

I think your WLBT station hit an all-time low yesterday during the 6 pm newscast. First, I was extremely disappointed to hear the station broadcast the divorce of former Congressman Chip Pickering and his wife. I do not personally know either of them, but I do know they are both very family oriented and committed to their sons. I can't imagine Chip and Leisha's children having to hear something like that on the local news. I feel this report leaned towards the gossip side instead of the news side.

In addition, I thought the polling question was quite ridiculous. I believe the polling question was worded something to the effect of Do you think people should be notified of road closures when the President comes to town? The only thing this type of question does is spark interest among the ignorant. Come on, I think we all know for national security reasons that road closures cannot be revealed in advance. Perhaps a better way of phrasing the question would have been Did the Mississippi Hwy Patrol do a decent job of diverting traffic?

In the future, it would be nice to see WLBT report more responsibly.

Thank you for your time!

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