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Brandon 07/25/08

Talk Back 3: About Pit Bulls

Now, let me see if I have this straight:

1.  A mother lets her 3-year old child run around outside, unsupervised; time of day here is irrelevant;

2.  The mother's excuse is that she was "busy" tending to her infant and couldn't supervise her 3-year-old toddler, whom she allowed outside to play, unsupervised;

3.  The toddler's daddy is in prison;

4.  The toddle wanders onto a NEIGHBOR'S PROPERTY, where the neighbor keeps a pit bull CHAINED UP in order to PROTECT HIS OWN PROPERTY;

5. Sadly, the pit bull does it's job; the toddler is mauled to death;

6.  It's the pit bull's fault, for doing what it was trained to do;

7. It's the dog owner's problem, because the unsupervised 3-year-old toddler wandered ONTO THE NEIGHBORS PRIVATE PROPERTY, WHICH WAS POSTED FOR A DANGEROUS DOG;

8. There is a history, known in the community, of "theft" from that same carport;

9. The dog gets shot;

10.  The dog may die for doing what it was expected to do, and trained to do.

Just want to make sure I have my facts straight here.WOW. I can't print what I'm really thinking here.

If I do have my facts straight, while I'm truly, genuinely sorry for the loss of that baby, whose fault is it? Can you spell, "parenting skills"? I am quite certain there are programs in place, paid for by all our tax dollars, that teach good parenting skills. I can't imagine what excuse there could be for not having them at all, and this situation just screams "need help here with my parenting skills".

The owner is not at fault; he has the right to protect his property, and he took reasonable precautions, in my opinion. The dog is not to blame. The dog acted according to training and expectations.

Now, let's talk about Mom. Grief over this tragedy notwithstanding, the fact that she was negligent as a parent is as clear as can be, in my opinion. I would hope that she will not repeat her poor choice with her other child/children.

I also hope we will not punish the neighbor for protecting his property in a reasonable way, nor should we punish the dog for doing what it was trained to do.

By the way, not all pit bulls are dangerous. It's all in what they are trained to do.

What I really want to know, though, is this: 
"When do we stop holding other people accountable for our bad choices?" Somebody - please tell me.

Mrs. Carol Burns

Brandon, MS

Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalam (Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem) Psalm 122:6
Carol Burns

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