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Jackson 07/25/08

Talk Back 3: Your Editorial Comments

Dear Mr. Smith,

I often enjoy your comments, which I think are excellent, and I was particularly interested in your comments on the Pit Bull Situation today.

May I ask you what the outcome was when the three men were arrested for fighting dogs in the middle of Jackson?  I never noticed that they were tried and convicted, and sentenced for this felony.  Also, fighting dogs in Mississippi is a felony conviction for the dog fighters, as well as for the spectators.  I don't notice anybody addressing the fact that dog fighters are responsible for the aggression of Pit Bull Dogs.  Pets are stolen and used to train fighting dogs to kill.  Pit Bull Dogs are chained in yards, starved, and trained to attack.   Clearly if someone invades their area they will attack.   These same people who fight dogs are the very people who let these dogs get loose, dogs who are mistreated, starved and expected to attack.    It is a matter of amazement to me that NOTHING is done about the people who perpetrate this problem and who train these dogs to kill.   The outcome of a dog fight is for one dog to kill the other dog.

Vick was tried and convicted of this crime.  His partners in crime were also convicted and sentenced.   South Carolina tried and convicted a dog fighter who was given thirty years in prison.  Please explain to me why, to my knowledge, no counties in Mississippi who have arrested dog fighters have tried, convicted and sentenced the persons committing this felony.

These dogs are doing what they are trained to do.  Attack.   The people who trained them to fight and to attack are the guilty parties.   Dogs do what they are trained to do. 

Pit Bull dogs are family dogs in many instances, and are wonderful, affectionate pets if they are in a loving home.    I have had German Shepherds all my life, and they are wonderful guardian dogs and loyal companions, but if trained to attack they would do so.   

They could ban guns, and law abiding citizens would be without protection, but criminals would continue to have guns and would use them to rob or kill.   The same is true with Pit Bull Dogs.    Good citizens would have to give up their family pets, but dog fighters will continue to obtain, abuse and force these dogs to fight.     

Something is wrong with this picture, and I think it is that law enforcement should enforce the law and convict the criminals who are in violation of the law in continuing to participate in dog fights.

Why can't anybody step up to the plate and address the real problem here?   Dog fighting is a crime.  Chaining dogs who are trained to attack or to fight is wrong.   The fault is with the dog owners, not with the dogs.   It seems totally irresponsible to me that nobody is dealing with the criminal aspects of the problem, which is  that the owners of dogs who abuse the dogs, chain them, let them escape to attack (as they are trained to do) or fight them,

are NOT dealt with, and all we hear is how we should ban the dogs.   We wouldn't need to ban the dogs if it weren't for the criminals, or the abusive and neglectful owners who are actually the problem.

What happened to the people arrested for  fighting dogs in Jackson?  Since they committed a felony I am sure they are in prison, right?   Fighting dogs is also a federal conviction now, so I am sure the feds were notified, so they could also bring charges, right?

I enjoy watching the news daily, and I remember when it was reported that there were arrests in that dog fight to which you referred.  We who watch the WLBT news daily would enjoy hearing that criminals are convicted, as a follow up.

Thank you for your many interesting commentaries.

Best wishes,


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