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Jackson 07/25/08

Talk Back 3: Pit Bulls

How many times must a child (or anyone for that matter) have to be killed or maimed by a Pit Bull before stringent laws are created governing ownership of this dangerous species???!!!  Do you know...some owners of Pit Bulls turn them out and let them run the neighborhood at night!  It is not unusual to see Pit Bulls chained in the front yards with no food or water.  (I would be vicious, too!)  Some of the owners train the dogs to be mean so they can fight other dogs.  

This seems to be the most popular breed of dog in my neighborhood.  People probably choose this breed to deter criminals from coming onto their property.  I see small children, teenagers, and adults walking them with ropes around their necks.

"Blue Eyes" was a victim also.  But he killed a precious little boy and should not have a chance to do so again.  We just put a man to death at Parchman.  He only assisted in killing someone.  Who's to say he wasn't a victim of society?  "Blue Eyes" must be uthanized.  Jackson must remove Pit Bulls from our City.  There is too much here to be afraid of.  We need to feel more secure.  Was there ever such a thing as Freedom From Fear?

My heart goes out to the family and friends of that precious little boy, and the owners of the dog.  Who would have thought when the little boy went out to play that the doggie he went to pet would kill him?  No one is to blame for this but society... for permitting ownership of Pit Bulls as pets.  It has been proven that they are dangerous!

Concerned Viewer

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