Talk Back 3: Don't Blame Animals Alone - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 07/25/08

Talk Back 3: Don't Blame Animals Alone

People need to realize that it's not just one type of dog that attack people. Owner's train all types of dogs to attack and be mean.

Pittbulls are not all mean and attack dogs. I own two myself and they have been brought up living inside the house with us since they were puppies and they will lick you to death loving on you but they have NEVER bit anyone! It is the way people bring dogs up and to how they act when they grow up. They are the same as children - if you teach a child to be mean and cruel then they will be that way the rest of their lives and become dangerous people when they grow up. Animals of any type or size can be trained to be mean. I don't see people complaining about doberains, chows, rocks, and/or other large dogs. They make a big deal out of pitts because the want too. A small dog will attack just as fast, if not faster than a large dog, it's just their bite isn't as bad as their bark. The tragic attack on the child should be blamed on the parents who were responsible for the care and supposed to watching that child. Who in the world would let a small child run the streets alone at ANY TIME much less at night?

Those who weren't raised properly, that's who. The same principle goes with any animal as it does with any human. People need to learn & teach respect for all living creatures. I'm sorry of those of you who disagree but the blame does fall somewhere and it really isn't on an animal who is chained up in a gate no matter what type dog (animal) it is!

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