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Trees Mississippi

Trees Mississippi


MS Urban Forest Council

List Expenses:

$40,0000 in cash, $150,000.00 value in volunteer hours

Type of Project (Air, Land, Water, waste or energy efficiency):

tree planting Description of Project: 1.plant 50,0000 trees 2. demonstrate with model plantings in the metro jackson area 3. develop a green space plan for metro jackson. use as model for other Ms cities 4.. train 500 individuals to become trained as Master Urban Forestry 5.  All these activites are in effort to improve the understanding of the benefits of green space and trees while helping to assist/encourage the process.

Name of Group: 

MS Urban forest council

Number of Persons in Group:


List the Goals of the Group Project:

A series of projects were conducted by volunteers to re-establish a healthy tree canopy, promote the benefits of trees and green space, assist citizens, business owners and community leaders to implement a sound green space and tree program.  The project focused on kids and citizens making the difference Additional Information on your project (Optional): peopel involved:  six schools, kids of every age, 500 trained in Master Urban forestry, strong educational program.

What are the benefits of your Project:

Beautification, cleaner air, cleaner water, shade to reduce energy bills, economic enhancment, volunteerism plus many other benefits associated with trees and people.

What havey ou learned from your Project:

Many peole love to volunteer just need an opportunity.  Green sells easier than we thought.

List Materials Used:

Native trees, mulch were the basic ingredients.

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