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Jackson 08/18/08

Talk Back 3: International Pet Scam

Marsha - Thanks for covering the story titled Three On Your Side: International Pet Scam Hits Jackson. My girlfriend and I live in Atlanta, GA and we recently saw the same ad in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The ad for a yorkie puppy being up for adoption sounded intriguing, so my girlfriend thought it would be pretty harmless to inquire about it through email. After having the same scenario you described in the story, she felt that there was something fishy about it and forwarded me the chain of emails. She even received a call from a Nigerian number (I work for a communications company and checked out the origin of the number). The "scanned" receipt was obviously photoshopped and nothing was checking out. That's when I did a search on the church name and proved without a doubt that it was a scam: your story was at the top of the list and it detailed everything perfectly that had happed to my girlfriend. The only thing that was different was the name of the guy.

Upon a little more research, I found that this has been going on for at least a couple years and they advertise different dogs at times, too. The same thing can be tracked here on the site:

Again, thanks for covering that story because it gave us a definite answer as to what was going on.


Steven Bagaria

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